Radiance Rose Glow Ultra-Hydrating Flower Essence
Radiance Rose Glow Ultra-Hydrating Flower Essence
Radiance Rose Glow Ultra-Hydrating Flower Essence
Radiance Rose Glow Ultra-Hydrating Flower Essence

Radiance Rose Glow Ultra-Hydrating Flower Essence

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Hydrating Flower Essence

Get a dewy glow like never before with our single ingredient Organic Bulgarian White Rose Flower Essence sourced from artisan distillers that specialize in growing, harvesting & extracting this luxurious and delicate essence beloved for its ability to soften, hydrate, and revitalize your complexion. It is expertly produced from the organic flower petals of Rosa alba through water-steam distillation, using fresh plant material that captures all of the beneficial cellular water from the living plant.

Hydrating Flower Essence

Deeply Hydrates – Glow like never before with just a few spritzes of this hydrating face mist. A natural humectant, this single-ingredient fine mist helps balance and tone while reviving dehydrated skin.

Nourishes Your Skin - Our beautifully scented rosewater spray supports deeply moisturized, radiant and blemish-free skin. You can use this before putting on makeup, as a natural makeup setting spray, and as a wonderful refreshing mist throughout the day.

Uplifts Your Mood – This rosewater facial spray evokes balance, closeness, calm, and relaxation. Indulge your senses every time you breathe in its fresh smell filled with sweet, honeyed citrus blossom undertones.



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A natural humectant that helps to balance skin tone and revive dehydrated skin. Our Organic Rose Flower Essence helps support healthy, deeply moisturized, blemish-free skin, giving you a clearer more radiant appearance.

Great For: All Skin Types - Sensitive, Normal, Dry, Oily & Combination

Helps With: Dryness & Dullness

Fragrance Profile: An exquisitely soft, delicate, and uplifting floral rose aroma with sweet, honeyed, citrus blossom undertones. Rose Essence is considered to have powerful aromatherapeutic qualities and is often used in formulas intended to evoke a sense of balance, closeness, calm, and relaxation.

the vmo concentrated infusion method


Science dishes with green plants

Excellent skincare takes time

Using our proprietary low-heat method, we spend a minimum of 28 days infusing our oils with skin-loving botanicals to gently extract their full spectrum of bioactive compounds.

During this process, we are able to create a one-of-a-kind concentrated infusion of active botanicals that are clinically proven to address specific skin concerns and improve the health and appearance of your skin, revealing your greatest natural glow.

All of our products are designed to nourish your skin, enliven your senses, and inspire you to care for yourself in new ways.

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skincare created with love

The Story of Vegan Mia

Hi, I'm Life, the founder of Vegan Mia. I've been working in the natural skincare industry for over a decade, but my passions went into high-gear when my 18 month old son developed severe eczema.

I spent years researching and formulating new products before I was able to make his skin healthier and more resilient. 

But, the more I researched, the more I realized that nourishing and strengthening his whole being was the best way to support his skin. 

This is what led me to start the Vegan Mia line - organic products that are not designed to cure any skin condition, but rather to nourish your skin, enliven your senses, and transform how you care for yourself.

All of our products are crafted with magic and love (or as my Creole grandmother called it  'good juju').

I hope that our products will bring health, happiness and good juju to your life, as they have to me and my family.

Love, Life.

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Our Clean + Green Promise

We use only 100% natural ingredients sourced from trusted partners who share our values and our commitment to purity, quality & the environment.