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Clean Beauty Fans Love Vegan Mia Organics Skincare, and We Love Them Back!
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Great product for my husband AND me!

My husband has been dealing with dry skin around his beard, causing his skin to itch. He was ready to shave off his beard when I bought him this product. I use Vegan Mia facial serums, so I know how well these products work. From the first use he said his skin under his beard felt soothed. He is now a believer! Added bonus: I use the serum on my bikini area during and after shaving and have had no razor burn! Winner.

Great products

Love how these products feel on my skin and feel like my skin is being nourished.

Soothes the face and the spirit

Finally a men’s shaving product that is not repackaged transmission oil!
Ode To The Beard oil delivers soothing care for the shave and pleasantly scented skin afterward. Its certified organic nature equals peace of mind.

Sooo soothing!

This silky, soothing cleansing oil easily removes makeup and leaves my skin satiny soft and clean. It's non-drying and hydrating. I follow this with Clarity No. 18 serum and my evening Vegan Mia regime. My skin feels fabulous through the night, into the morning. I'm hooked!

Refreshing & fragrant

After cleansing, I apply this amazing toner. My skin soaks it in like a sponge, preparing it for the rest of my morning and evening Vegan Mia regime. A lovely, fragrant toner for my dry skin!


Every day I apply this luscious exlixir to clean, dry skin, leaving it soft and subtle, ready for my Vegan Mia regime. It's an essential step in my daily routine. Fabulous!

Fabulous exfoliant

Daily morning use of Radiance No. 6 leaves my skin clean and glowing, ready for my Vegan Mia regime. Sometimes I leave it on while I shower and rinse it off when I finish. Love the results!

Gorgeous Hair!

Years of coloring and blow drying left my shoulder-length hair uber-dry and brittle. Shine No. 18 to the rescue. After the first overnight treatment, dry locks were softer and more malleable. Now I do an overnight treatment weekly and hydrate daily with a small amount worked through the hair, especially the ends. No more split ends!!!


Finally, a mask that actually works to reduce the size of my pores. Using this awesome mask weekly has tightened my enlarged pores and leaves my skin firmer and gloriously vibrant. 5+💥

Vegan Mia products are Amazing!

I can spray the Radiance Rose Glow Ultra-Hydrating Flower Essence in the morning, at noon, and at night to refresh my entire being. The light scent is heavenly and makes me feel refreshed immediately
every time. Seems to make everything come up roses :)

Perfect addition to my routine

I started using this mask and cleansing powder 1-2 times a week. It has been wonderful in the morning or evening. I love the consistency and the way my skin feels afterwards.

Share the VMO Glow

I’ve been using VMO products since July 2020 and am thrilled with the condition of my skin and spirit. I wanted to share with friends and found the Elixir discovery kit to be perfect for just that. Who doesn’t love the chance to discover different elixirs?

Safe and Effective Products

Purchased about half a dozen products last week for mother's day. My wife has mentioned that she is sold on the products and will order more. Of Special note is the Shine Nourishing Hair & Scalp Oil Treatment. My wife and I both use these products. Best oil for our hair ever.

Silky smooth hair

I’ve always used some kind of serum to protect my hair from styling heat but never thought of using anything for air dried hair. I’ve tried this oil treatment for both blow drying and air dry, and I love it for both uses! I was able to use a few more drops than recommended without any oiliness (my bleached highlights are pretty dry) and it added shine without looking heavy or wet. Calmed down the frizz and made it look smooth on the end too. Smells lovely too!

My favorite toner

I’ve tried countless toners over the last year - they either dry my skin out, irritate it, or don’t do anything. This is my favorite by a long shot! It does what it says it’s going to do and my acne has improved without any irritation. The overall look of my skin is nicer and smoother. Definitely keeping this one in my daily routine and highly recommend!

Clean, beautiful skin!

I love this mask so much! My skin has never felt so clean. It has a very nice smell, and I really enjoy the idea of mixing my own mask so I’m not wasting product. My skin felt clean and smooth without any dryness. I’ve been using it 1-2 times a week and think it’s helped my acne too! Great product!

Adapotogenic elixir

THIS ELIXIR IS THE BEST!!!! it is so soothing and helps to re balance the moisture barrier with the balanced oils. love!

Has changed my skincare game!

In the past I’ve always had a hard time truly committing to a skin care regimen & this was because I never saw real results from my products. But Vegan Mia products are amazing! Seeing the perfect glow on my skin made me commit to the daily and nightly routines. Now when I wake up, thw very first thing I do in the morning is check the mirror to see the glow! Not to mention how cute the packaging is and the scent is so soothing and clean. Looking forward to adding their new toner to my routine next!

Such great oils!

I truly love how amazing the Harmony Adaptogenic Elixir makes my skin feel. My skin feels plump and firm every time I use it . Highly recommend

One of the Best Essence Ever!

I Love a Good Essence as its a Bit Stronger than a Toner and Usually Thicker as well. This Essence is a bit Different as its Not really Thick at All but Don't let that Suprise you as its Benefits are Definitely there to Hydrate and Revitaluze Your Skin. I Apply this around 30 Seconds after Vegan Mia Green Tea + Mint Antioxidant AHA Toner. I Usually Spray this,Essence Directly to my Face and then Press it in with my Hands but at times I just Spray it Directly into the Palms of my Hands, and then Press it in also. This Also makes an Amazing Primer to Prep for Makeup as I am Not a Fan of Makeup Primers just All Skincare for Me! I Also like Giving my Skin a Little Pick me up Spritz throughout the Day and a Little Tip I keep mine in the Fridge to keep it Cool so when I Apply its Nice Cool and Refreshing! Also will Extend the Life of the Product. Im in Love with this Essence and I Also have a bit of Sensitive Skin and NO ISSUES what so ever! Thank You Vegan Mia for that! You will Love this Essence as much as I do, I know you will, its a Keeper for Sure!

Beautiful inside and out!

I love "Shine" hair oil from Vegan Mia! It smells heavenly. It calms the frizz. It is clean and organic and honest product. And every purchase supports a cause I care about - empowering women with economic opportunity by supporting Solar Sister Entrepreneurs. So I am feeling beautiful inside and out. Doing good and looking good!

A Nice Cleansing Oil

I'm Not a Real Big Fan of Oil Cleansers but, this is a Real Nice Makeup Oil Cleanser. Although if you think One Cleanse is Going to Take your "Full" Makeup off thats Not going to happen. Then again I'm a Believer in Double Cleansing anyhow. You are Supose to Apply this Cleanser Directly to your Dry Face and Massage it in and take it off with a Warm Washcloth. Now we All know Oil and Water Do Not Mix but, I have Applied this to a Dampened Face and Personally I think it even Works Better! I will say it works Amazing taking off Eye Makeup even Mascara! I Actually Love it for that and it Does Not Irritate Your Eyes! It Truly boils down to what you are Looking for in a Cleanser if this is a Good Cleanser for You.

A Perfect Moisturizing Spray Mist!

The fragrance is delightfully relaxing. I love to spritz my face before applying elixirs. These products are so pure -- there are no chemicals -- they are directly sourced from Mother Nature. I am in my elder years and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin over the past six months using Vegan Mia products. Plus, being vegetarian I will not use anything that hurts animals.

These Elixirs are my Daily Ritual

These pure, fragrant, moisturizing oils do wonders for my aging skin. I am so grateful to have found VeganMia. After six months of use, I can really see a difference in my skin. I would recommend them to anyone seeking a natural, chemical-free product for skin health.

An AHA Toner That Doesn't Irritate Sensitive Skin

I was SO OVERLY EXCITED by this AHA Toner for the Fact that it did NOT Irritate My Skin for my Skin is Sensitive! I am able to use this Toner AM & PM because of the fact that there is No Irritations. I Actually keep my Toner in the Fridge to keep it Cool to give it an Even More Refreshed Feeling when I Apply it to my Skin. Also doing this Extends the Product Life. When you Apply this Toner to your skin you Truly Feel So Refreshed, and Your Face feels SO Clean. It Doesn't feel Like Any Harsh Chemical have Touched your Skin because that is Not what Vegan Mia Organics is about and that is what I Love about this Brand and Company, I Never have to Worry about things like that! My Skin has Never Looked So Clear since I have been using this Toner. Its Definitely a "Keeper"!